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Each day as you move,

speak to yourself 

lest not forget thyself .


Each day as you move,

love yourself ,

motivate to live the best


Each day as you move,

beleive in yourself 

the greatest strength.




Balloons in the sky,

flying high, tossed each other,

vibrant colours

shook my eye.



I gazed and gazed

blue , green yellow

 purple , orange white

shone the sky.


Colours so bright,

colours so vivid,

set me on a trail

out of my senses.


Blue is for serenity and  friendship

green for the wonderful nature,

Thank God life would be so dull

without blue and green.


Yellow  mingles with our thoughts

purple is for day long freshness,

orange is for knowledge

white is for eternally peace


balloons in the sky

colours so bright

they really brighten up our life

with hopes and aspirations for the future.


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A person you fight and forget
never lasts long
for she’s your best friend
to whom you share
little secrets sweet as chocolates
or the little stings or flings.

A friend you can trust
in all weather
soft in summer
thick in winter.

As life cycle goes by
a little kind word,
the warm hug
the friendly smile
the small push for a giant leap
all you can find here.
Author Notes

A poem about sisters

© jayashree. All rights reserved,

The Pretty Girl

The Pretty Girl

On a sunny day 

as I strolled along

I came upon a little girl

pretty with silky hair

and dainty eyes, 

She smiles and walked,

I looked back again,

she was picking wild flowers

With curiosity I asked 

for whom it was

my dearest mom

it’s her birthday today

Battle of the strongest

Blow for a blow,
Punch for a punch
Each blows harder
None can retreat back
Ego hurts isn’t it?

But of what use is it?
Let peace and love prevail
Let the great strength
be put to better use

Thousands of innocent lives
been laid to rest
Sufferers are the children
who learn the hard way.

Tongue has no bone
but it hurts
Watch thy words
for it remains forever.

Trust and faith
build solid foundation
Love and kindness
are the other ingredients
with tact to face the world
and take in your stride .
Magic spell it creates forever.



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