South Indian breakfast

On a Sunday morning ,if one happens to stop at MTR group of hotels in Bangalore, it is really a pain. It’s just that the early bird gets the worm. People reach there very early on almost all days. These folks have maintained the aroma of South Indian breakfast and thus people throng to their eateries. 

 South Indian breakfast ideally consists of idli, variety of dosas and  upma. They are all savoured with chutney and sambar. The good thing about these idli and dosa is that if you have the batter ready in your refrigerator, cooking is not a chore. 

    The batter is made using rice and urad dal. The proportions are different for each. The rice is soaked for a couple of hours and then grinded. It needs to be fermented for six to eight hours depending on the weather conditions. And finally,it can be used. 

You can read these recipes here







Balloons in the sky,

flying high, tossed each other,

vibrant colours

shook my eye.



I gazed and gazed

blue , green yellow

 purple , orange white

shone the sky.


Colours so bright,

colours so vivid,

set me on a trail

out of my senses.


Blue is for serenity and  friendship

green for the wonderful nature,

Thank God life would be so dull

without blue and green.


Yellow  mingles with our thoughts

purple is for day long freshness,

orange is for knowledge

white is for eternally peace


balloons in the sky

colours so bright

they really brighten up our life

with hopes and aspirations for the future.


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Muskmelon or cantaloupe is a wonderful fruit. It is a summer fruit. It is a storage of nutrients. It contains 90% water and hence makes it an ideal summer food. It contains a lot of dietary fibre and is rich in vitamin A and C. It contains potassium  and manganese. 

   The yellow orange fruit is sweet in taste. It can be eaten by all as it is not high in calories. It has anti cancer properties. Being rich in fibre,it aids in throwing out the waste from the body. Being rich in water content,it is good for the skin. It helps to give a glow to it. It is an ideal summer fruit. 

     Here are a few of recipes that I had written of musk melon



A person you fight and forget
never lasts long
for she’s your best friend
to whom you share
little secrets sweet as chocolates
or the little stings or flings.

A friend you can trust
in all weather
soft in summer
thick in winter.

As life cycle goes by
a little kind word,
the warm hug
the friendly smile
the small push for a giant leap
all you can find here.
Author Notes

A poem about sisters

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