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Sago or Sabudana

Sago or Sabudana are white pearls like which are tasty to eat. We make varied snacks out of these, like sweets, fried cutlets like snacks and also the usual khichdi .

All these dishes are amzingly tasty but needs a little prior preparation. The sago has to be washed and kept aside ( with no water or very little water) for four hours. It is then ideal to be cooked. The white seeds are swollen and soft after four hours.

I had prepared sabudana wada in appe pan and you can view the recipe here

I have put a step- by -step photo. Hope you like it. Have a fabulous day !



Poems to read

I have written a poem on Diwali and is written with a different perspective, relevant for today’s times.It is on You can check it here


My other poem is on the most essential thing in life

Essence of life

Can we live without hope ? Hope is the essence of a good life.Do check it out


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Hello to all my friends !

It’s been sometime I have come here. Life has got busy with many things and the time I have it’s been utilised writing my food blogs. You can check them out on
But, want to keep writing poetry too and poems will be put here only. It’s nice to put it here among esteemed poets.
I have one poem written for the contest. Do read it. Your opinions and feedback are important to me.
Life is a journey,
destined to be ,
the way you want.

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South Indian breakfast

On a Sunday morning ,if one happens to stop at MTR group of hotels in Bangalore, it is really a pain. It’s just that the early bird gets the worm. People reach there very early on almost all days. These folks have maintained the aroma of South Indian breakfast and thus people throng to their eateries. 

 South Indian breakfast ideally consists of idli, variety of dosas and  upma. They are all savoured with chutney and sambar. The good thing about these idli and dosa is that if you have the batter ready in your refrigerator, cooking is not a chore. 

    The batter is made using rice and urad dal. The proportions are different for each. The rice is soaked for a couple of hours and then grinded. It needs to be fermented for six to eight hours depending on the weather conditions. And finally,it can be used. 

You can read these recipes here