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A comeback on this blog after a long haul, good to be back here!

Each day as you go,

strive to move ahead,

let go of what can’t be changed

and seek to Him.

Each day, as you glide

be happy for the blessings

lucky than the many

seek to Him all way.

Praise and glorify Him

for he is merciful

Loves and cares

more than anyone else.

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Battle of the strongest

Blow for a blow,
Punch for a punch
Each blows harder
None can retreat back
Ego hurts isn’t it?

But of what use is it?
Let peace and love prevail
Let the great strength
be put to better use

Thousands of innocent lives
been laid to rest
Sufferers are the children
who learn the hard way.

Tongue has no bone
but it hurts
Watch thy words
for it remains forever.

Trust and faith
build solid foundation
Love and kindness
are the other ingredients
with tact to face the world
and take in your stride .
Magic spell it creates forever.



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On the Countryside

A beautiful pathway down the country side
strewn with pine trees all around
I was mesmerised by its enchanting beauty
serenity and tranquility gave me kinda joy

Everyday we walked through the pathway
early morn and at six in the evening
the tweets and flutters I loved to see
it was a house to wide flock of birds

the hush greenery was captivating
my lens captured vivid images
memories which I can always cherish
our journey destined for a week

heavy heart I bid adieu to wonderland
painted forever in our hearts
lest we may come back soon
see these jewels on earth again<br /

free verse

© jayashree.