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5 easy ways to reduce your weight

Weight gain is a major problem to many. More so, once the number of years turn over forty, reducing becomes difficult. Here are five ways which will surely help you.

1 Exercise regularly, at least five days a week.

2 Walk your way, It is the best bet you can make.

3 Eat regularly but in a limited quantity. Watch what you eat.

4 Fruits, veggies and green leaf are your friends. Have more of them

5 Drink plenty of water


Five things to do daily

The five must do things each day for a healthy you.

1 Take a walk for half an hour. It keeps you hale and hearty.

2 Take time to do meditation. It keeps your mind calm and recharged.

3 Drink plenty of water, why am I telling this, world knows it. Sad, hardly half of them follow it and the rest suffer each morning.

4 Thank God for this wonderful life. If you are reading this, you are one of the lucky ones who have an internet connection with a  roof over your head and two square meals to keep you going.

5 Spend time with your family. They are your very own people.

The sound of silence

The sound of silence

Have you ever observed the sound of silence? If you have given a thought to it,then it’s a good going, if not ,do spend a while. It is really soothing.

The sound of silence is of various kinds. The one, when we take time and spend time with the calmness of nature,it really exhilarates.

One can take time with oneself  and spend in meditation. Here ,one is at ease and calmness of mind prevails. The only viable sound with passage of time is the sound of silence. It takes immense practice to get used to this art,but worth the effort.

Have you ever spent walking in a lonely road? A strange lonely road and total silence,I think that can be a bit scary if you are walking in the dark.

The sound of silence is koolobong and it has a calming effect on the mind.

Birthday Wishes for my daughter

Today is the birthday of my daughter. She is the younger one and today turns 15. It’s been awesome having this girl as part of our lives. She has filled our lives with joy. She loves her family and is always bubbling with energy. She is her papa’s little princess,her brother’s best friend and my everything. 

With time, I have noticed she has become mature and is very caring. She is helpful to one and all, her few things,I know she will combat  in the coming years. Wishing this sweet girl ,a wonderful journey ahead where her fondest dreams come true. May she reach the zenith in whatever field she pursues later. 

Today,I have prepared all her favourite dishes, brownie, chole and pulao .

happy birthday dear, may you have a great year ahead.


Oh! My God! damn it! Have been struggling  all day and I feel desperate.

Oh! Not again, and down crashes the beautiful vase.

It’s awful, I am again late today, why couldn’t you wake me early. I am going, you drop the kids and eat the breakfast for yourself.

Well, these are some of the instances which we come across in our daily life. Anger, is  ruling the situation but the reasons are varied. At times, it eases away easily but sometimes the situation goes beyond control and it is the near and dear ones, who have to face the consequence or at times, the person itself.

Anger, is  a situation where we are not happy over the situation and thus show it upon someone else. It does more harm than good to a person. He unnecessarily, overreacts or gets tensed. Well, the situation may be a intense one but of what use can it be? Just imagine, had the person calmly reacted, he would be sane to take a better solution.

Thus, when in anger try to control it. Count upto ten or move further. If that does not ease, start counting in the reverse order. One does feel better. Then, he will be able to think properly.

It is always said that anger destroys many things including relations. Once broken, they are hard to be mended. Hence, try to curb your anger which try to rules.

Salads, tasty and healthy

Do you love salads ?Image Salads are healthy and tasty. They can be easily made with a few ingredients and you can prepare it ahead and keep it in the refrigerator for a refreshing and healthy eat. They are low in calorie and are power packed with proteins and other minerals.

Easy tips for a good salad :

  • Wash the vegetables before cutting.
  • Use fresh vegetables.they taste great.
  • If using some oldies,put them in a bowl of cold water.
  • Serve chilled.
  • Green leafy vegetables can be cleaned by soaking in salt water.

When to eat a salad :

Salads are preferably served during lunch and dinner, but they can be eaten at any time. Binge on some sprouted salad in the evenings to keep your hunger pangs at bay.

Beauty lies in the beholder

February 14 marks the Valentines Day. A day solely dedicated to the lovely couple, a custom which has been more in vogue in the recent times. This blog has nothing much related to the valentines day, but I want to tell that the bond which holds two people together is a very strong one. 

A person may not be good looking in the eyes of the world, but that person is the most beautiful or handsome for his lover. This is the truth,which each one of us has to expect. Hence, it is not good to comment on someone’s wife as not pretty or something like that. Each person has their own looks and it is the gift of The Lord. 

Moreover, as time moves on, the looks of the person hardly matters. It is the heart and the character of the person that counts most. Here,  I think the phrase, beauty is skin deep,holds true. A person is more known by his nature and character and it’s the personality of the person which makes him stand out in the crowd.


Parenting is a big job for both the father and mother these days. With most mothers, going out to work it becomes very demanding and difficult to adhere to the needs of the children. Thus, it is sad but true that one needs to be totally aware of their responsiblities of being a parent. From the day a child is born, a mother needs to take care of him lovingly by keeping awake to the odd hours till the day they see him settled in life.

A little child brings immense joy in the family. It is the one which binds the couple more stronger than ever. Each milestone of the child is noted by the parents with excitement.The first word is pronounced and this spreads like a wildfire in the neighbourhood. Likewise, the first step and many others are all somethings to  be excited by these parents.

Along with this are the changing sleep patterns which take place every month. A child is awake during odd hours and the mother has to spend her time with this dear one.Each stage, brings new changes in the children  Soon they will find that the expenses seem to be many. Along with the daily needs, and the vaccinations, they  need to save for the future of the child. Thus, parenting is no small a job. It needs your love, time and money.

Children give meaning and a joy to complete the relation called as family. It is worth experiencing but remember to give your fullest to it.

Do you eat breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The body has starved for twelve long hours and it is important you eat something healthy. Start your day with a good break fast. This will help you to keep going. Moreover, it gives the required energy to keep you going with vigour and vitality.

Many people tend to forgo this important meal of the day. They are either to busy to eat or don’t want to eat. They think that lunch is the best option. But,one needs to remember that breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man and dine like a pauper,goes the quote. One usually has his dinner at 8.30 p.m in the night and by morning 9.30, enough of work is done after waking at 6.00 a.m in the next morning and it will be almost thirteen hours from the last meal. 

just think over the next time if you want to skip your healthy breakfast. 

Exercise, need of the hour

With each passing day, our life is more and more relaxing. We spend lavishly, eat tasty and more of fast food and our cooking too has become easy. We buy ready meals and fried delcacies are irresesistible.

             In the midst of all these, we are unaware of the calories that we are consuming. Obesity increases and thus we are more prone to lifestyle diseases. We will be at a high risk if we do not take time to keep ourselves fit.

One needs to make it a habit to exercise regularly.We should remember that good health is the basic need to enjoy life. Of what use, is all the wealth and degrees that one possess if they are not able to enjoy them. Thus,one needs to spend time reguarly for physical exercise. One needs to spend atleast half an hour for five days of the week.

Exercise can be of varied kind. One can indulge in sports such as tennis or badminton. Even, swimmimg is an excellent exercise. Yogasanas are beneficial to most people. Even the elderly ones can do them, but one needs to take the advice of a health instructor before commencing. Jogging is done by some youth and teenagers, but walking is one exercise which people of all ages can do. The benefits of these exercises are many and one should not neglect doing them. It paves way to good health.