I am Jayashree, a freelancer writer and blogger from India. I love writing poems.This blog consists mainly of poems and articles. A few of my poems have been published. I have an e book published titled “Soulful Melodies” My articles are on thoughts of life, upbringing of children or anything that comes to my mind at times.

Cooking is my other passion. I have recently started another blog for my recipes. It is http://www.evergreendishes.com. All recipes are tried and tasted and some are my own innovation.

I beleive in spending quality time with children. They really need our time.We need to help them to achieve their goals.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Jayashree

    I am glad that you followed my Blog and liked it.
    Children are the Finest blessing of Allah, they make this world beautiful and happy. May Allah bless all the children and their childhood remain safe.

    Cooking is your passion and eating is mine 😀 .. though i m not so fat 😀 .. hehe
    Anyway ..

    Nice to meet you. May Allah bless you ameen

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