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Trees, beautiful trees
laden with blooming blossoms
and juicy treats
A real feast to the eyes
Taste so luscious !

Trees, beautiful trees
home to the flying birds
seek shelter all night
amidst it’s widespread arms
without any fear!

Trees, beautiful trees
nurture the atmosphere
friend of one and all
all year round hot summer
to chilly winters.



A person you fight and forget
never lasts long
for she’s your best friend
to whom you share
little secrets sweet as chocolates
or the little stings or flings.

A friend you can trust
in all weather
soft in summer
thick in winter.

As life cycle goes by
a little kind word,
the warm hug
the friendly smile
the small push for a giant leap
all you can find here.
Author Notes

A poem about sisters

© jayashree. All rights reserved,

The Pretty Girl

The Pretty Girl

On a sunny day 

as I strolled along

I came upon a little girl

pretty with silky hair

and dainty eyes, 

She smiles and walked,

I looked back again,

she was picking wild flowers

With curiosity I asked 

for whom it was

my dearest mom

it’s her birthday today

Fussy Kids

Variety is the spice of life
A platter of assorted edibles
in multi colours of red and green
a real treat for children

Fruits and veggies
cut them in different shapes
Children love to see
geometry in food.

Dislike is a thought
impended in the mind
set it right when young
lest regret not later.

Feed them healthy,
keep junk at bay,
Soon they grow
with mature minds.



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A million dollar love

In utter rage she screamt
heart missed a beat,
Why on earth, do you dare
when no one’s there?

Mother’s love is endless
strives to see a glow
in each eye
amidst hidden tears.

Each day many thoughts ply
graciously makes time
needs of his children
utmost important.

Father’s love endless
his hearts desire
off springs in mansion
never a doubt.

Blessed are those
love and care showers
parents a wonderful gift
no money can buy.

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Battle of the strongest

Blow for a blow,
Punch for a punch
Each blows harder
None can retreat back
Ego hurts isn’t it?

But of what use is it?
Let peace and love prevail
Let the great strength
be put to better use

Thousands of innocent lives
been laid to rest
Sufferers are the children
who learn the hard way.

Tongue has no bone
but it hurts
Watch thy words
for it remains forever.

Trust and faith
build solid foundation
Love and kindness
are the other ingredients
with tact to face the world
and take in your stride .
Magic spell it creates forever.



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