Pumpkin Seed and Honey Bread…

Lovingly Made

bread I have been perfecting this bread recipe for years (and still feel it needs a few more tweaks) but decided this gem shouldn’t just be kept to the confines of my recipe book.  I wanted this super simple yet delicious recipe to reach out to the masses; all of you who thought bread making should be left to the professionals or a bread making machine, think again!  Be the professional; be the master of your own bread!

Bread to me is an art form.  It’s subjective, and as long as the end result is somewhat bread-like and has a ‘hollow sounding bottom’ then it’s bread.  Like art, bread comes in many different forms and can be criticised by everyone, from under-proving to over-baking, and this might be what puts the average person off baking bread.  However, if you follow my simple steps, not only will you be happy with the…

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