Oh! My God! damn it! Have been struggling  all day and I feel desperate.

Oh! Not again, and down crashes the beautiful vase.

It’s awful, I am again late today, why couldn’t you wake me early. I am going, you drop the kids and eat the breakfast for yourself.

Well, these are some of the instances which we come across in our daily life. Anger, is  ruling the situation but the reasons are varied. At times, it eases away easily but sometimes the situation goes beyond control and it is the near and dear ones, who have to face the consequence or at times, the person itself.

Anger, is  a situation where we are not happy over the situation and thus show it upon someone else. It does more harm than good to a person. He unnecessarily, overreacts or gets tensed. Well, the situation may be a intense one but of what use can it be? Just imagine, had the person calmly reacted, he would be sane to take a better solution.

Thus, when in anger try to control it. Count upto ten or move further. If that does not ease, start counting in the reverse order. One does feel better. Then, he will be able to think properly.

It is always said that anger destroys many things including relations. Once broken, they are hard to be mended. Hence, try to curb your anger which try to rules.


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