Beauty lies in the beholder

February 14 marks the Valentines Day. A day solely dedicated to the lovely couple, a custom which has been more in vogue in the recent times. This blog has nothing much related to the valentines day, but I want to tell that the bond which holds two people together is a very strong one. 

A person may not be good looking in the eyes of the world, but that person is the most beautiful or handsome for his lover. This is the truth,which each one of us has to expect. Hence, it is not good to comment on someone’s wife as not pretty or something like that. Each person has their own looks and it is the gift of The Lord. 

Moreover, as time moves on, the looks of the person hardly matters. It is the heart and the character of the person that counts most. Here,  I think the phrase, beauty is skin deep,holds true. A person is more known by his nature and character and it’s the personality of the person which makes him stand out in the crowd.


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