Parenting is a big job for both the father and mother these days. With most mothers, going out to work it becomes very demanding and difficult to adhere to the needs of the children. Thus, it is sad but true that one needs to be totally aware of their responsiblities of being a parent. From the day a child is born, a mother needs to take care of him lovingly by keeping awake to the odd hours till the day they see him settled in life.

A little child brings immense joy in the family. It is the one which binds the couple more stronger than ever. Each milestone of the child is noted by the parents with excitement.The first word is pronounced and this spreads like a wildfire in the neighbourhood. Likewise, the first step and many others are all somethings to  be excited by these parents.

Along with this are the changing sleep patterns which take place every month. A child is awake during odd hours and the mother has to spend her time with this dear one.Each stage, brings new changes in the children  Soon they will find that the expenses seem to be many. Along with the daily needs, and the vaccinations, they  need to save for the future of the child. Thus, parenting is no small a job. It needs your love, time and money.

Children give meaning and a joy to complete the relation called as family. It is worth experiencing but remember to give your fullest to it.


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