Exercise, need of the hour

With each passing day, our life is more and more relaxing. We spend lavishly, eat tasty and more of fast food and our cooking too has become easy. We buy ready meals and fried delcacies are irresesistible.

             In the midst of all these, we are unaware of the calories that we are consuming. Obesity increases and thus we are more prone to lifestyle diseases. We will be at a high risk if we do not take time to keep ourselves fit.

One needs to make it a habit to exercise regularly.We should remember that good health is the basic need to enjoy life. Of what use, is all the wealth and degrees that one possess if they are not able to enjoy them. Thus,one needs to spend time reguarly for physical exercise. One needs to spend atleast half an hour for five days of the week.

Exercise can be of varied kind. One can indulge in sports such as tennis or badminton. Even, swimmimg is an excellent exercise. Yogasanas are beneficial to most people. Even the elderly ones can do them, but one needs to take the advice of a health instructor before commencing. Jogging is done by some youth and teenagers, but walking is one exercise which people of all ages can do. The benefits of these exercises are many and one should not neglect doing them. It paves way to good health.


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