Sleep, essence of life.

A good night’s sleep creates wonder to the body. The body is ready to face all challenges with a new vigour. He is at his best as if ,he has met his dream girl on the countryside.

Sleep, induces the body into a complete state of relaxation. Thus, it paves the way to good health. A person with no proper sleep is always feeling weary and weak. He is not interested in many activities of the day, neither can he leave aside the tasks nor do them well. Moreover, deprivation of sleep can do more harm to the body than hunger. Thus, make it a habit to have a good sleep each day.

To get a good sleep, make it a habit to spend the day wisely. Indulge in physical activity such as walking,aerobics or go to the gymnasium. Meditation helps in relaxing the mind and eases the stress. Yoga is suitable for people of all ages. Keep yourself busy. Never let the negative feelings to bog you down. A glass of warm milk induces good sleep at night. Take an early and light dinner.


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