January  26

Today is January 26. Write a post where the number plays a role  is the prompt.

Well, what can I say about this number? It hardly plays any role in my life, since, I saw the prompt I have done numerous thinking,but this number does not hold much place in my life now. I am past that age,and my children have a still a long way to go to reach that number.

January 26, is an important day in the history of my country. It was on this day, sixty five years back, our country became a soverign republic. It marked an important era in the history. It was designated as a democratic country. Now, with the forthcoming elections, I hope all my country men will make the best use of their powers and put the country into better hands.

Each person should be ruled by his own thinking and make his own judgement. He should choose a leader who will work for the development of the country. People should also be aware that each of their votes are valuable and hence cast their votes. Yes, remember that each of our votes matter a lot in making our country a better one.


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