Solving Sudoku Puzzle

Solving Sudoku Puzzle

Prompt: we all know to do something well. Write a blog about something that you know to do well…Teaching is the show word

Have you ever tried solving sudoku puzzle? It’s interesting and very challenging. It helps logical thinking. It helps an individual to do sane thinking instead of plunging in worries or some wasteful thoughts.

There was a time, when I was well verse in this. I used to solve it everyday,but with time,it seems to have taken a backseat. One needs to observe the numbers. Each row and column should have the number from one to nine only once. Each square block,too should have all the numbers from one to nine. Thus, to solve this one needs, to focus on numbers which are more prominently seen. At first,fill those squares,then it will be easier for you to sail through.


15 thoughts on “Solving Sudoku Puzzle

  1. My father is 98 years old, can no longer walk so well and his favourite passtime is Sudoku. I admire him, I can do it, but do not have the patience. He completes one after the other.

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