Prompt: Describe what you will be doing on day 211,that is July 30,2014.

Life’s journey is so unpredictable, we really do not know what the next moment holds for us, let go of six months later. But, yet we are always planning and designing our own thoughts, hoping all will go well.

Six months later, I hope things will be much better for me and me at ease. I,think by then, my son will have left us to go to a different place. I am sure, it is the last few days, of his in this town,but I really do not know where he shall be. I pray God, let good luck shine on him and take him to many places.

My daughter, will be in tenth grade and shall be coming home late at eight in the evening. Hubby is busy with his profession on week days. I think, I will have more time to do my personal interests.

But,inspite of all this I really cannot predict what I will be doing on July 30.


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