A World of Humanity

A World of Humanity

Daily Writing Prompt

If you fast forward to a specific date in the future, which date would it be? Writers,artists , photogrhers write to this one

Today’s days are not blissful. Each man is ruled by negative vibes. He is selfish and ruthless. We have got many comforts but we are losing our moral values. The world is shrinking but the distance between the people is drastically increasing each day. We are concerned,but we do not want to express our feelings. We want to speak, but we wait for the other person to take the first step. 

People in the past, had less comforts but they were more happy. Humanity prevailed in them. I want to go to a future, where we are a close knit family. All of us will speak with our heart and work with our mind. We will think of the good will of others as much as ourselves. It is a heartfelt desire of mine.


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