Cooking made easy

handy hints are useful to all of us as they make our chores less complicated. They help us to work them in a simpler manner,or in a simpler way,we take the shorter route to reach the destination than the usual long road. It is much safer with less baggage and also fewer vehicles along the way.

  • cooking in a pressure cooker is much faster and cheaper. Rice,pulses and even vegetables can be steamed in it.
  • vegetables can be cut beforehand and stored in a closed container.
  • use non-stick pans for your cooking,you will be using less oil.
  • add a little turmeric powder to pigeon pea (toor dal) for uniform cooking.
  • soak pulses in water for an hour before cooking. This ensures proper and quick cooking.

Can you store your vegetables well? No doubt, refrigerator is useful to hoard many products for a longer period of time. But, you can use these tips to give more life to your vegetables.

  • keep green leafy vegetables except spinach in paper cover. I have noticed that spinach is better kept outside at room temperature.
  • remove the stalks of green chillies before storing them in a paper cover. They will stay fresh for a longer period of time.
  • zip pouch bags are good for other vegetables.

2 thoughts on “Cooking made easy

    1. Thankyou so much Chris Donner for the read and comment. Yes, cooking in different parts of the world varies totally. We need the dal of chickpeas everyday with rice and chapati. I think,chapati too is a new term.

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