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Sleep, essence of life.

A good night’s sleep creates wonder to the body. The body is ready to face all challenges with a new vigour. He is at his best as if ,he has met his dream girl on the countryside.

Sleep, induces the body into a complete state of relaxation. Thus, it paves the way to good health. A person with no proper sleep is always feeling weary and weak. He is not interested in many activities of the day, neither can he leave aside the tasks nor do them well. Moreover, deprivation of sleep can do more harm to the body than hunger. Thus, make it a habit to have a good sleep each day.

To get a good sleep, make it a habit to spend the day wisely. Indulge in physical activity such as walking,aerobics or go to the gymnasium. Meditation helps in relaxing the mind and eases the stress. Yoga is suitable for people of all ages. Keep yourself busy. Never let the negative feelings to bog you down. A glass of warm milk induces good sleep at night. Take an early and light dinner.


Exercise the right way

All of us know that exercise is needed for good health. With the modern lifestyle, it has become more so essential. One should also know that exercising in the right way ,is very much essential. One needs to know the right way of doing them, or they may incur an injury which will take a long time to recover or may be even more threatful.

One should remember that doing the right way gives more benefits to the body. While doing sit-ups ,it is right to bend at hips than to bend the knee. It is important one takes the benefit of an expert or speak to them before they do it.

One needs to remember that one needs to be persistent in doing them. They are not going to show some magical wonders overnight. Anything needs time and so is with exercise.

Do not overdo them. Again,you may harm yourself and may not be able to keep up with your regimen. Thus, slowly increase the number that you do and never overstraine yourself.

January  26

Today is January 26. Write a post where the number plays a role  is the prompt.

Well, what can I say about this number? It hardly plays any role in my life, since, I saw the prompt I have done numerous thinking,but this number does not hold much place in my life now. I am past that age,and my children have a still a long way to go to reach that number.

January 26, is an important day in the history of my country. It was on this day, sixty five years back, our country became a soverign republic. It marked an important era in the history. It was designated as a democratic country. Now, with the forthcoming elections, I hope all my country men will make the best use of their powers and put the country into better hands.

Each person should be ruled by his own thinking and make his own judgement. He should choose a leader who will work for the development of the country. People should also be aware that each of their votes are valuable and hence cast their votes. Yes, remember that each of our votes matter a lot in making our country a better one.

Solving Sudoku Puzzle

Solving Sudoku Puzzle

Prompt: we all know to do something well. Write a blog about something that you know to do well…Teaching is the show word

Have you ever tried solving sudoku puzzle? It’s interesting and very challenging. It helps logical thinking. It helps an individual to do sane thinking instead of plunging in worries or some wasteful thoughts.

There was a time, when I was well verse in this. I used to solve it everyday,but with time,it seems to have taken a backseat. One needs to observe the numbers. Each row and column should have the number from one to nine only once. Each square block,too should have all the numbers from one to nine. Thus, to solve this one needs, to focus on numbers which are more prominently seen. At first,fill those squares,then it will be easier for you to sail through.



Prompt: Describe what you will be doing on day 211,that is July 30,2014.

Life’s journey is so unpredictable, we really do not know what the next moment holds for us, let go of six months later. But, yet we are always planning and designing our own thoughts, hoping all will go well.

Six months later, I hope things will be much better for me and me at ease. I,think by then, my son will have left us to go to a different place. I am sure, it is the last few days, of his in this town,but I really do not know where he shall be. I pray God, let good luck shine on him and take him to many places.

My daughter, will be in tenth grade and shall be coming home late at eight in the evening. Hubby is busy with his profession on week days. I think, I will have more time to do my personal interests.

But,inspite of all this I really cannot predict what I will be doing on July 30.

Please share to show my pupils how far a photo can go (even if you don’t want it to!)

Re blogging it to spread a word and lend a hand

Not about everything

Sharing this, because it seems an interesting lesson.

I am teaching E-safety to my pupils at the moment and wanted to try a little experiment. Please share this photo and see how far it gets, I want to show my students how easily photos etc can go viral, even when you may not want them to. Share it and see how far it goes!


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Prompt Describe your sixteenth birthday.

The teenage fads are of many kind. It’s like a bird set to fly in the open sky.But then, the strings are drawn soon. They aren’t fully let to go. It was the first year in college and I had an awesome birthday. My friends and me, some ten of us had got together for the party. We all went out together to a hotel and had a splendid time. It was just a hangout to chill, we wanted to enjoy our freedom and our own space. Hence, we decided to go out instead of having a party at home. We had a nice party and later got home.

Encounter with Self

Encounter with Self

Who was the first people you encountered with today? Write about him or her. Artists, writers show us people

Today, I began the note on a positive note. An overwhelming feeling had been since I woke up. I am just feeling excited and super excited. Well, I hope I can sustain and retain this enthusiasm.

At the end of the day,it is not the years in life but the life in years that matters. May I make up my mind and walk the path that I want to.  Let me have enough courage and determination to reach my goal which I have been seeking.

A Writer is known by his Work

A Writer is known by his Work

Daily Prompt

Do you have reputation? Where does it come from and what is it?

I am a writer by heart but my words are by my choice. I really, think what I write. I know, I enjoy writing,but I need to draw a line to what I write. I feel, that writing world is like a big stage and we are the artists of various. Some sing, other one dances while still some play orchestra. It us only the really good ones get recognised and makes a name for themselves. Thus,it is the same in the blogging world. A versatile and good writer is read by many. He is liked by his co-bloggers. Thus ,I always see that my work speaks of me. I try to write worthwhile and meaningful writes. There is much to think and ponder in what I write. 

I beleive in writing inspiring stories, good poem ,share quotes to make a change in their lives. Thus,I consider myself a writer of repute.